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It can be difficult to understand what your usage trend is and how it can run out quickly, especially if you have applications running on your PC without you realizing it. This guide will assist you to understand and to optimize your monthly usage better

What you should know about usage volume?

Your volume usage defines how much data you download and upload on monthly basis. Usually volume usage is measure in Byte.
Below is the estimation data size for the files and applications based on your usage.

What causes heavy usage?

• Streaming video and audio

Watching video or listening to audio online can use up a lot of your monthly usage volume. Video requires much more than audio, but some people listen to radio stations all day long, and that adds up.Video hosts sites are quite heavy with multimedia, hence it tend to used up a lot of your monthly usage.

• Large files download from file hosting sites

Files on file hosting sites varies is size and can be as large as 100MB in size. Reducing downloads or only downloading compressed files can save your usage volume.

• File sharing

Peer to peer (P2P) file sharing applications too can use a great deal of your usage volume. This is not restricted to just downloads but as well as files that you upload as well.

Tips to reduce usage

• Disconnect the internet

This is the simplest and most effective way to save your usage volume. If you are NOT using the internet, just disconnect them.

• Fully exit applications

Many applications, especially P2P applications, do not terminate when you click the Close button. Insteadthey are actually running in the background. One way to know whether they are still open is to check your bottom right tray (clock) to see if the application icon is still there. To properly exit the application, typically you have to click the right-hand mouse button on the icon in the system tray and choose Exit.

• Compress large files

Emails with photos or other files attached are generally large emails. Hence, before sending large email attachments, compress them to reduce their size. You can do this by checking if your operating system has file compression capability, and if not, obtain a file compression program such as WinZip.

• Significant web surfing

While web surfing usually does not create excessive usage, frequent surfing can mount up to a significant amount of usage volume. One way to reduce your usage volume is by increasing the size of your web browser cache. This allows your computer to access files from your hard drive instead of the Internet and reduce you data downloading. The most important thing is to keep track of your usage so that you will be aware of your usage and thus you can use the volume allocated wisely,

To view your monthly usage, please see: Monthly Data Usage
Finally, Maxis believes that all internet users should be responsible in managing their usage volume quota.
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