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Once downloaded, Maxis Internet Security constantly monitors your computer and Internet connection,
automatically updating itself with the latest virus definitions, and will notify you should anything unwanted be discovered. Enjoy the premium protection on offer for all your most valuable content including photos, music, programs or important documents.

Getting Maxis Internet Security is easy!
  1. SMS ON MIS to 22132 to get the subscription key.

  2. Click the "Download Now!" button below to download the software.

  3. Install the software and get protected!

Maxis Internet Security: Overview
Enjoy the following key benefits with Maxis Internet Security.
  • Instant protection against new threats
  • Protection against viruses, worms and spyware
  • Protection against hackers
  • Filter out spam e-mail and phishing attempts
  • Protect your children against undesirable Internet content
More benefits:
  • Maxis Internet Security is easy to order.
    Just click to download below and refer to the installation guide.

  • Quick and easy installation
    90-second automatic mode installation (not including time to re-boot though!).

  • Minimal user attention required
    The Maxis Internet Security works efficiently and silently in the background and lets you focus
    on other things.

  • Always up-to-date
    Rest assured of receiving new versions and security updates that are fast, regular and secure.
Maxis Internet Security: Features
Anti-virus protection
Enjoy high-quality protection as well as overall security thanks to the latest technology. All e-mails, CD-ROMs, USB sticks, websites and downloads will be automatically scanned for viruses. Just look for the sign that
signals all is safe.

Automatic updates
Once Maxis Internet Security is installed, there is no need to make updates yourself. The program will do
it for you!

Maxis Internet Security detects and removes spyware. You can surf the Internet and use your computer without fear of your personal information being accessed by third parties, or important documents getting corrupted.

Protect your broadband connection against hackers, Trojans, worms and other types of malware – permanently. With a personal firewall, your crucial private data stays safe and secure from hackers.

Parental Control
The 'Parental Control' feature blocks access to any material that you don’t want your children to see. Passwords and log-in features give you total control over managing what your child is and is not allowed to see. You can even control the amount of time your children spend online with the Time-Lock feature.

Spam Control
Maxis Internet Security systematically sorts out spam from important mails. Spam is placed in a separate folder where you can review it if you choose, otherwise it will be deleted automatically

Maxis Internet Security: System Requirements
The recommended requirements for installing and running Maxis Internet Security on your computer are:

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